Closing Ceremony

Annual Athletic Meet

The games were played, the races run, the day drew to a close…..victory for some, losses for some but in every other way a win-win situation, as experiences were amassed and memories were accumulated for posterity.

The Chief Guest for the Closing Ceremony held in the evening of the 31st of August, 2019, was Air Marshal Trevor Osman, an esteemed alumnus (batch of 1956) and a proud Indian decorated with the PVSM (Param Vishisht Seva Medal) and AVSM (Ati Vishisht Seva Medal) - military awards to recognize distinguished service of an exceptional order. Gracing the dais were the dignitaries of the Opening Ceremony as well as former Vice Principals Mr. Charles Noronha and Mrs. Miriam Angelo.

The stands resounded with cheers as the displays commenced. The students of Class V and VI got into their synchronized fitness regime while the students of Class VII and VIII formed the school flag and swayed to show the majestic flutter of the Blue and White at the pinnacle of glory! However, the event that stole the show was the Club Swinging by the Josephites of Class IX and X – an event dating back to 1913 and the French fathers – a tradition that was lost but regained during the course of history and now seems here to stay!

The Principal’s Welcome Address was proof of the place of pride that the stakeholders had in the day to day working of the school – as collaborators and valuable partners. The Chief Guest, in his address, congratulated the students on their performance and commended the boys on their keenness and ‘full of Josh’ attitude, even at the end of the day. He congratulated the winners as well as all the participants as it is the journey that is important. He urged the winners to be humble in victory having the values of grace and respect for the opponents and to the others he said that it was not about how many times you fall but how many times you rise after the fall that matters.

The prize distribution ceremony paid tribute to the winners as they had won amid stiff competition. The School Song resounded through the school and the School Flag was lowered to mark the end of yet another Sports Day in the history of Joseph’s. The crowd started to disperse but for the tenth graders the tears feel fast and thick as they came to terms with reality that this was their last Sports Day – a memory to cherish, a recall to summon up for the future and a promise to return to reminiscence on the camaraderie, ‘like thousands gone before’!’

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