Sports Clubs

Chess Club
Students of Stds 1 to 8 are given the opportunity to join the Chess Club which operates on Monday and Wednesday during club hours. The structured curriculum is designed for different age groups. Experienced coaches from Team Matchless, many whom are professional players, serve as mentors to our students. Students in the club are taught to apply their skills and tactics in the game; participation in inter-class tournaments is encouraged.

Aquatic/Swimming Club
The Swimming Club caters to high school students and offers weekly classes for Stds 5 to 10. An ideal class during club hours begins with an attendance session, various sets of drills and exercises to warm-up followed by a shower - an important hygiene practice. A new style or stroke is taught in each class along with theory in order to make the students appreciate the different aspects to swimming. The Swimming Club is conducted by Swim Life Academy.

Taekwondo Club
Panthers Taekwondo Academy conducts the Taekwondo Club under the leadership of Mr Satish, an international martial arts and fitness trainer. He is also the coach of our state team. The Taekwondo Club is offered to junior classes and focuses on teaching students combat skills, body strengthening and flexibility. The club proposes to conduct an examination where students will receive a certification from the Karnataka Taekwondo Association.

Table Tennis Club
The Table Tennis Club is open to students of Stds 3 to 10. The coaches are Mr. Gopinath and his team and together they ensure that students are given systematic training. Basic strokes are taught after a round of warm-up exercises. Over several sessions, techniques specific to the game are taught and ample time is given to students for practice and matches.

Badminton Club
This club is run by the Prakash Padukone Academy and is offered to students from Stds 1 to 10 who are trained by coach Prasanna, coach Ganesh and a team of coaches. The classes are held at the indoor sports complex which has 3 Badminton courts. Players are constantly monitored and advised individually. Participation in tournaments is encouraged.

Basketball Club
Team Matchless conducts the Basketball Club at SJBHS for students of Stds 3 to 10. The students are divided into groups based on their classes and are taught warm-up exercises, basics of dribbling, tactics to face opponents and other requisite skills. Inter-class and inter-house matches are conducted by the coaches.

Cricket Club
The indoor cricket club run by our coach, Mr. Syed Mahaboob Pasha and his team is one of the most popular clubs among the many aspiring cricketers at SJBHS; our school has produced some of the finest talents in this sport. The Indoor cricket club gives an opportunity to many middle and high school students.

Football Club
The Southern Blues Football Academy conducts the annual Football Club for students from Stds 1 to 10. The classes begin with warm-up, ball skills and team combination games. Inter house and inter school matches are encouraged.

Hockey Club
Hockey coaching classes are conducted for students from Stds 3 to 10. The coaches, Mr. Dashrath Katke and Mr. Manohar Katke ensure that all students give adequate attention to their technical skills. The students are also encouraged to play inter school and inter house matches.

Sports Shooting
Our coach - Anand C K Shashidhar – is an Eklavaya awardee and founder of Kadamba Sports. He is an authority on shooting as a sport. Students start with learning about the history of shooting, fire arms and air guns, types of air guns, history of shooting in India, safety aspects and range commands.

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