Primary Annual Day - 2016

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.
Stacia Tauscher

SJBHS Annual Primary School Day is a big occasion for the little ones. It’s the day they take centre stage, reminding all that it is from small beginnings that big things happen!

On this day, a festive spirit hung over the school and the quadrangle was gaily strung with tiny lights that blinked and glittered. The gigantic stage had an LED screen as its backdrop, and there were two more strategically placed screens for those who wanted a closer view of the proceedings. The blue and white chairs were occupied early by the eager Josephite family of parents and grandparents of the students of Stds I to V.

As the clock struck five in the evening, the Josephite Guard of Honour stood at attention to usher in the Chief Guest for the evening, Mrs. Phillis Farias, Educational Consultant and Counsellor; Guests of Honour, Rev. Fr. Anthony Joseph, S.J., Rector of St. Joseph’s Institutions; Bro. Anthony Crasta, Administrator of Jesuit Niwas; President of the OBA, Mr. Shashi Lewis; Secretary of the OBA, Mr. Brian D’Lima; Vice- President of the PTA, Mr. Bernaad Chetty and the Secretary of the PTA, Mrs. Reena Pereira. They were escorted by Rev. Fr. Clifford Sequeira, S.J., Principal of SJBHS; Vice- Principal of SJBHS, Mrs. Miriam Angelo and the Administrator of the Primary Section, Rev. Fr. Sunil Fernandes, S.J.

The Invocation Song by the students of Class IV praised the Almighty; the lighting of the lamp symbolized the spread of knowledge to dispel the darkness of ignorance. Rev. Fr. Sunil then welcomed the gathering highlighting the achievements of the Chief Guest, who besides being a former parent, discourses on a myriad of topics from classroom management to positive parenting. Mementoes and floral tributes were given to all the dignitaries.

Principal, Rev. Fr. Clifford Sequeira, S.J., gave his message to the parents and well-wishers in which he congratulated the students for their diverse talents while appreciating the hard work put in by the teachers. Fr. Clifford proudly declared the Education Today’s report where SJBHS was adjudged third in the country and first in the State. This news was met with thunderous applause from the audience.

The Rector’s speech highlighted the freshness, innocence, beauty and charm of childhood. Fr. Anthony praised the skill and unlimited energy of the teachers of SJBHS, while cautioning the parents to give freedom to their children to reach the highest in human potential.

Mrs. Phyllis Farias related to the audience the charming example of the pencil maker who advices each pencil he manufactures to be useful; know that the best is within; be open to a painful sharpening from time to time; be prepared to use the eraser to wipe out mistakes and to keep in mind the function that it was created for.

The evening’s entertainment included the play ‘Jack and the Bean Stalk’ which brought to life the classic tale of Jack who goes from poverty to riches:
‘Climbing up the bean stalk up into the sky, leaving all troubles below;
When you are at the bottom; no need to cry; up’s the only way to go!’

Another performance - ‘The Legends’ portrayed by the students of Std II brought to life ‘Ma Baker’ from the 80s hit band Bonnie M, ‘Mama Mia’ from Sweden’s ABBA, Elvis Presley’s hit songs, ‘Disco’, the ‘Beatles’ and the ‘Bee gees’ had the young dancers rocking the venue! Finally Michael Jackson’s moves hit the stage and the Primary School Annual Day went down into history!

The song ‘Let it go’ from the movie ‘Frozen’ by the students of Class III, was indeed the ‘speech of angels’. The boys of Std I showcased our national symbols: the Lotus, the Tiger and the Peacock who are the national flower, animal and bird respectively, while the Banyan tree is India’s sacred tree, giving eternal life.

A musical skit by the students of Std IV applauded the bravery of ‘Onake Oabavva’, the heroic lady from Chitradurga. Finally, a dance performance by the students of Stds. V & VI, a firework of fast moving steps, had the audience spellbound, reluctant to leave.
The Vote of Thanks by Yashas Rajesh of Std. V brought to a close one more Primary Annual Day at SJBHS.

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