SJBHS won an entry into Teenovators 2016 - an innovation competition organized by Manipal University. Initial selection was through a written test conducted in our school campus by INK, Manipal’s partner organisation. Our school team has so far reached the regional round.

The team of five students from Std 12, wanted to design something that would have an impact on society and make a difference. Despite a tight schedule due to exams, they worked on their invention and to their delight, found themselves at the top of the tier in the state!

The team were able to build a fully working model of the Sound Assisted Fire Extinguisher (SAFE) in a rather short time of three weeks. The invention is a sound extinguisher that uses low frequency sound waves to extinguish fires. The large wavelength and adequate energy of the sound waves was used to push oxygen molecules away from the fire, starving it and thereby putting it out.

The team has used their theoretical knowledge to deduce the principle and mechanism of the SAFE. They are planning to improving the model by mounting it on a drone and hence eliminating the need of manpower at the scene of the fire. The extinguisher thus not only cuts down on wastage of resources, but also prevents injuries and loss of lives.

In Manipal, the judges commended the team on their professionalism, excellent presentation and speaking skills, and their innovativeness. The team won the first place in a tough competition against 9 other teams.

Thanks must be offered to everyone involved in organising the competition and also more importantly to their mentor, Leonard Pauli, a Swedish University student who was crucial in developing and implementing their idea efficiently.

The team has certainly made their school proud! They have also won Rs. 5 lakh as prize money which they are planning to reinvest in the project to improve it.

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